Evangeline (lost_evangeline) wrote in mock_elections,

1. Biggest Mastermind- Keira and Johnny
2. Most Creative- Viggo, Orlando and Kate Winslet
3. Best Adviser- Orlando and Liv
4. Most Responsible- Sean and Holly
5. Biggest Manipulator-Keira and Dom
6. Best All Around Attitude- Maggie and Hurley
7. Biggest Rebel- Dom and Emilie
8. Shyest- Ian and Anne
9. Most Gullible- Elijah and Maggie
10. Biggest Influence- Keira and Johnny
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*is loved*I'm the shyest!he he.
O_o Influence? ok...
Best All Around Attitude... very cool! :) I'm happy for that.

Most Gullible? Now that one I don't quite agree with but okay. I guess I am. *laughs*
So I'm a mastermind and manipulative, but an influence? I pity you people... >:D
But we just love you so much keira!
7. Biggest Rebel- Dom and Emilie

A rebel, eh?
yay for me!!

am I really that good of an adviser? Never would have guess that one...
Most responsible! Thank you everyone! *hugs*
Most Creative, interesting.
I really don't know what to say...thanks?